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Vegetable Garden Planning - Carrot Planting

If carrots are part of your vegetable garden planning, these carrot planting and growing tips will guide you in growing a productive carrot crop.

carrotsCarrots are a good vegetable to add to your home vegetable garden plans as they are easy to grow from seed, even for the beginning gardener. Carrots are the perfect addition to any home vegetable garden since they require little space to grow. As with any plant, make sure to keep your carrots well watered and fertilized.

Carrots can virtually be grown in any type of vegetable garden, from the traditional in-ground home garden to a container vegetable garden or raised vegetable garden.  No matter what type of vegetable garden you choose to plant your carrot seeds in, you will need to make sure your garden has good drainage. The secret to growing long, slender carrots is in the soil. In order for carrots to grow their roots downward, they need soft, fertile, well-drained soil.

Carrot Planting Companions: Leek, Onion, Tomato, Sage. Beans, Lettuce, Rosemary

Carrot Spacing

  • Single Carrot Plants: 0' 2" each way (minimum)
  • Carrot Rows: 1' 6" apart (minimum)

There are many varieties of carrots available. You will want to select a type of carrot best suited to your soil conditions to get healthy full carrot crops. Choose from a wide selection of carrot seeds available for sale online here at Jung. Whether you need help selecting the right type of carrot or need help vegetable garden planning, Jung is your online vegetable garden planning and planting resource. Jung now offers an online vegetable garden planning tool to help you virtually design your home garden and give you planting tips and reminders. Get planning and planting your vegetable garden online now.

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