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Vegetable Garden Planning - Onions

Onions provide a flavorful, delectable kick that compliments many different foods. An onion’s unique flavor is an important aspect to many popular dishes. Onions are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. With some simple vegetable garden planning and basic onion growing knowledge, you will soon be on your way to growing your own garden full of these tear inducing, mouth-watering veggies.

Onions require very little room to grow, so they can be added to any home vegetable garden from your traditional in-ground vegetable garden to a small container garden. Before you start planting, you will need to do some vegetable garden planning to insure healthy, plant growth.

First you will need to decide which type of onions you would like to grow: onions, shallots, scallions, or leeks. Onions respond to changing day length. If your garden is in southern latitudes, it is recommended to grow short-day varieties such as Texas 1015Y Supersweet . If your garden is in northern areas, grow long-day varieties such as Red Wing Hybrid Onions and Ailsa Craig Exhibition Onions. Other types, like Sierra Blanca Hybrid Onions, are day-neutral, and can be grown successfully almost anywhere in the U.S. Try growing different varieties from seed or plants to explore differences in bulb color, size and shape.

When planting onions you will need to plan a location with full sun. Onions require full sun to grow.  

Onion Companions: Beet, lettuce, cabbage, strawberry, carrots, tomatoes, peppers.

General Onion Spacing:

  • Single Plants: 0' 3" each way (minimum)
  • Rows: 1' 0" to 1' 6" apart (minimum)

It is never too early to start ordering your onion seeds and plants. Jung offers a large variety of onion seed and plants available for sale online. If you need help planning our vegetable garden, Jung offers an online vegetable garden planning tool providing you with planning, designing, growing, and harvesting tips for your vegetable garden.  

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