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Vegetable Garden Planning - Tomatoes

Many will agree there’s nothing better than a home-grown, straight from the garden tomato. Before you can start growing these tasty red fruits, there are many things you will need to know about tomatoes. Vegetable garden planning will help you to grow an abundant vegetable garden full of plump, succulent tomatoes.

Choosing the type of tomato for your vegetable garden

tomatoesThere are a large variety of delicious tomatoes available from the small cherry tomatoes to the large slicing tomatoes. Jung has these popular and more rare types of tomato plants and tomato seeds available for purchase online.

Once you have chosen the types of tomatoes you want to plant, you will need to plan your vegetable garden design. You will want to space your tomato plants according to the spacing directions on the seed packet in order for your tomatoes to have enough room to properly grow. Recommended spacing will vary depending on the type of tomato.

General Tomato Plant Spacing:

  • Single Plants: 2' 0" each way (minimum)
  • Rows: 2' 0" to 3’ 0” apart (minimum)

Choosing the type of garden for your tomatoes

When vegetable garden planning you will need to make a choice of which type of vegetable garden you will be growing your plants in. Tomatoes are a great choice for container gardens, however they can flourish in any garden with proper sunlight and care.

Once you plant your tomato transplants, it is recommended to immediately put a tomato cage, or other plant support over or near the small plants so they will have the support they need to flourish as they grow. Jung’s has a wide variety of cages, trellises and supports for tomatoes available for purchase online.

With basic tomato planting and growing knowledge, and proper vegetable garden planning, you will be growing your own delicious tomatoes in no time. For a mouth-watering array of tomato plants and tomato seeds, check out Jung’s tomato plants and tomato seeds available for purchase online. If you need help vegetable garden planning, sign up for our online vegetable garden planner for helpful vegetable growing tips and planting reminders. Check out the online vegetable garden planning tool and start designing your tomato garden today.

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