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Vegetable Garden Planning- Beans

Bush beans are among the easiest vegetables to grow and, therefore, are highly recommended for first-time gardeners. Nothing beats fresh, crisp green beans straight from the garden that easily snap when broken in two. With careful vegetable garden planning, you will be on your way to a garden full of delicious, nutritious green beans.

Planting your beans. Plant bean seeds 2 inches deep and 6 inches apart in late spring, after the last frost has passed and the soil is warm.

Spacing for bean seed planting:

Single Plants: 0' 10" each way (minimum)

Rows: 0' 6" with 1' 2" row gap (minimum)

Companion plants for beans are Marigolds, Sweet corn, and Squash. Make additional sowings of beans until midsummer. More than just a tasty, nutritious harvest, beans can be used as a warm-weather cover crop to boost soil nitrogen levels.

Harvesting your beans. Gather bean pods before they fill with seeds. A perfect green bean should be crisp and firm. When picked often, many varieties continue to produce for up to a month.

Jung offers a full variety of bush bean seeds for sale online from our most popular Blue Lake bush beans to our colorful Golden Rod and Royal Burgundy bush beans.  Order your bean seeds online today as part of your vegetable garden planning.  

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