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Vegetable Garden Planning- Spacing

Spacing your Vegetables

An important step in vegetable garden planning is to plant vegetable seeds with the proper amount of space between both rows and plants. Proper spacing in your vegetable garden is important to ensure you get the maximum growth and productivity out of your vegetable garden.

Planting vegetables too closely together can lead to several different problems. The vegetables will never reach full size, thus reducing the production of your garden. Plants and vegetables planted too tightly together are more susceptible to disease and pests, as the close spacing makes it easier to spread. Closely planted vegetables will experience decreased air circulation, and will begin crowding each other when they start to flourish. It will affect the growth of below ground roots, as each of the plants are struggling to absorb as many nutrients as possible.

Once you have completed the vegetable selection of your vegetable garden planning, you can then assess the space required for each.  Vegetables with roots need between 2 and 12 inches of space between them, depending on the size of the fully grown vegetable. For example, carrots, radishes and onions only need about 2-4 inches between each; potatoes need 10-12 inches. Smaller, leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce need 4-6 inches of space, and beans could use between 4 and 12 inches. Large vegetables obviously need more room to grow. Eggplant, broccoli, and corn need 1-2 feet between them, while pumpkins need 2-3 feet.

Plants and vegetables need nutrients, water, air, and light to grow properly and abundantly. Planting too far apart gives your garden a vacant, bare look, and as you’ve seen, planting too closely is risky for the growth of the vegetables. Be sure to do proper vegetable garden planning before planting to ensure you have the space these vegetables need. If you would like more help with vegetable spacing, Jung offers an online vegetable garden planner to help you grow a successful vegetable garden.

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