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Foxtail Lilies

The spectacular Foxtail flower spikes are like giant candles! Hundreds of small flowers line the upper two-thirds of the 3 to 5 foot stems, opening from the bottom upward. Blooming in mid-spring to early summer, they make a statement in the flower border. Plant the unusual star-shaped roots in a well-drained, sunny location and add a mulch for winter protection in areas where the ground freezes.

Foxtail Lilies ship from early October to mid-November.

Sorry, we are unable to ship flower bulbs to the following states: AK, AZ, CA and HI.
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Bungei Foxtail Lily
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Cleopatra Foxtail Lily
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Foxtail Lily Offer (9)
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Romance Foxtail Lily
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Shelford Mix Foxtail Lily
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