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Plant garlic in spring or fall. Largest bulbs are produced from fall planting, but a heavy mulch is necessary in cold areas to prevent frost heaving. Harvest fall planted bulbs the following summer. For softneck types, 6 heads will plant about 25 feet of row. For hardneck types, 6 heads will plant about 10 to 15 feet.

  • Separate garlic into cloves just before planting and space cloves 4 to 6 inches apart
  • Space Elephant garlic cloves 6 to 8 inches apart in the row.

Sorry, garlic cannot be shipped to AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID or WA. For more information regarding our shipping restrictions, please visit our Shipping Information page

California White GarlicBuy Options
California White Garlic
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 3 bulbs 1 - $10.95
2 - $19.90
4 - $38.00
Elephant Garlic ClovesBuy Options
Elephant Garlic Cloves
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 pkg of 3 cloves 1 - $7.95
2 - $14.90
4 - $27.80
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Garlic Sampler
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 Offer $23.95 ea
Italian Late GarlicBuy Options
Italian Late Garlic
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 3 bulbs 1 - $11.95
2 - $21.90
4 - $42.00
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