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Goji Berries or Wolfberries

Goji are packed with healthful benefits. This Chinese native is a vining shrub that grows 6 to 10 feet tall.  Purple bell-shaped flowers line the canes beginning in late spring followed by small fruits that quickly turn red. Plants continue to bear until frost. The fruits will be juicy with a sweet, rich flavor when ripe and will come off the plant easily without the aid of a pruner or knife. They can be eaten fresh, juiced, dried like raisins or frozen for future use in bars, salsa, trail mix and other recipes.  Considered a superfruit by nutritionists, they contain some of the highest levels of antioxidants of any fruit, have more carotene than carrots and contain all essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.  The plants are self-fertile, disease-resistant and drought-tolerant. They like full sun, but will tolerate some shade, and can be grown in large containers if you wish.  Staking is suggested to keep the fruit off the ground.

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Big Lifeberry Goji Berry
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Crimson Star Goji Berry
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