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Ground Covers

Ground covers are valuable for covering large areas, edging walkways and for bank stabilization. Those that tolerate shade are ideal for planting under trees and shrubs where grass won't grow. Shipped in 2½ inch pots except where noted.
Bergens Blue VeronicaBuy Options
Bergens Blue Veronica
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Bowles Variety VincaBuy Options
Bowles Variety Vinca
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Close OptionsBowles Variety Vinca

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Cauticola SedumBuy Options
Cauticola Sedum
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Close OptionsCauticola Sedum

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Cornus Canadensis Or BunchberryBuy Options
Cornus Canadensis Or Bunchberry
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Close OptionsCornus Canadensis Or Bunchberry

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1 - $6.95
3 - $18.95
6 - $35.95
Creeping WintergreenBuy Options
Creeping Wintergreen
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Close OptionsCreeping Wintergreen

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1 - $7.95
3 - $21.95
6 - $39.95
Fulda Glow SedumBuy Options
Fulda Glow Sedum
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Close OptionsFulda Glow Sedum

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Pachysandra Green CarpetBuy Options
Pachysandra Green Carpet
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Close OptionsPachysandra Green Carpet

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Pachysandra Rooted CuttingsBuy Options
Pachysandra Rooted Cuttings
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Close OptionsPachysandra Rooted Cuttings

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Ralph Shugert VincaBuy Options
Ralph Shugert Vinca
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Close OptionsRalph Shugert Vinca

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Sweet WoodruffBuy Options
Sweet Woodruff
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Close OptionsSweet Woodruff

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Zing Rose DianthusBuy Options
Zing Rose Dianthus
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Close OptionsZing Rose Dianthus

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1 - $3.95
3 - $9.95
6 - $17.95
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