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Hyacinths are a Rainbow of Colors with Head-Turning Fragrance! Choose from 9 beautiful colors, or purchase our special-value offer and try them all. Plant hyacinths deeply in any well-drained soil and they will perform for many years. They also force well indoors when given an adequate cold treatment. Forcing instructions are available upon request. Average height of all hyacinths is 8 to 10 inches.

Sorry, we are unable to ship flower bulbs to the following states: AK, AZ, CA, HI and ID.

Blue Jacket HyacinthBuy Options
Blue Jacket Hyacinth
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Carnegie HyacinthBuy Options
Carnegie Hyacinth
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City Of Harlem HyacinthBuy Options
City Of Harlem Hyacinth
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Delft Blue HyacinthBuy Options
Delft Blue Hyacinth
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Fondant HyacinthBuy Options
Fondant Hyacinth
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Gypsy Queen HyacinthBuy Options
Gypsy Queen Hyacinth
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Jan Bos HyacinthBuy Options
Jan Bos Hyacinth
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Jungs Fragrant Mixed HyacinthsBuy Options
Jungs Fragrant Mixed Hyacinths
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Peter Stuyvesant HyacinthBuy Options
Peter Stuyvesant Hyacinth
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Sparkling Spring ComboBuy Options
Sparkling Spring Combo
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$18.95 ea
Special Value Hyacinth OfferBuy Options
Special Value Hyacinth Offer
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 offer of 27 bulbs $24.95 ea
Woodstock HyacinthBuy Options
Woodstock Hyacinth
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