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Onion seeds should be sown in the garden after the soil warms up to 45°F. For large onions, plants should be used or start your seed 6 to 8 weeks prior to planting.

Long-day onions like Walla Walla Onions, Yellow Sweet Spanish, Borettana Cipollini Italian Onion, Red Marbel Cipollini, or Ailsa Craig Exhibition Onion, are best suited to spring planting in northern areas, while short-day onions like Sierra Blanca are adapted to regions with mild winters.

An ounce has approximately 7000 onion seeds.

Ailsa Craig Exhibition Onion SeedBuy Options
Ailsa Craig Exhibition Onion Seed
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Close OptionsAilsa Craig Exhibition Onion Seed

Product Pricing
 250 seeds $2.75 ea
 1/4 Ounce $11.95 ea
 1/2 Ounce $19.95 ea
Borettana Cipollini Italian OnionBuy Options
Borettana Cipollini Italian Onion
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Close OptionsBorettana Cipollini Italian Onion

Product Pricing
 250 seeds $2.45 ea
 1/4 ounce $6.95 ea
 1/2 ounce $11.95 ea
 1 Ounce $18.95 ea
Candy Hybrid Onion SeedBuy Options
Candy Hybrid Onion Seed
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Close OptionsCandy Hybrid Onion Seed

Product Pricing
 250 seeds $2.65 ea
 1/4 Ounce $10.95 ea
 1/2 Ounce $17.95 ea
 1 ounce $26.95 ea
Copra Hybrid Onion SeedBuy Options
Copra Hybrid Onion Seed
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Close OptionsCopra Hybrid Onion Seed

Product Pricing
 250 seeds $2.45 ea
 1/4 Ounce $8.95 ea
 1/2 Ounce $14.95 ea
Onion Sierra Blanca HybridBuy Options
Onion Sierra Blanca Hybrid
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Close OptionsOnion Sierra Blanca Hybrid

Product Pricing
 250 seeds $2.75 ea
 1/4 Ounce $11.95 ea
 1/2 Ounce $19.95 ea
 1 ounce $29.95 ea
Red Wing Hybrid OnionBuy Options
Red Wing Hybrid Onion
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Close OptionsRed Wing Hybrid Onion

Product Pricing
 250 seeds $2.85 ea
 1/4 ounce $12.95 ea
 1/2 ounce $21.95 ea
Red Zeppelin Hybrid OnionBuy Options
Red Zeppelin Hybrid Onion
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Close OptionsRed Zeppelin Hybrid Onion

Product Pricing
 250 seeds $2.75 ea
 1/4 ounce $11.95 ea
 1/2 ounce $19.95 ea
Walla Walla OnionBuy Options
Walla Walla Onion
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Close OptionsWalla Walla Onion

Product Pricing
 250 seeds $2.25 ea
 1/4 ounce $4.25 ea
 1/2 ounce $6.45 ea
 ounce $10.95 ea
Yellow Sweet Spanish Hybrid Onion SeedBuy Options
Yellow Sweet Spanish Hybrid Onion Seed
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Close OptionsYellow Sweet Spanish Hybrid Onion Seed

Product Pricing
 250 seeds $2.55 ea
 1/4 Ounce $9.95 ea
 1/2 Ounce $16.95 ea
 Ounce $25.95 ea
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