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Planters Paper

Revolutionary biodegradable paper mulch. Made from recycled fiber material, it's creped to give it strength and flexibility to hug the ground. A natural additive prevents decomposition for 6 to 10 weeks in moist soil. It absorbs heat to give crops a boost early in the season. The paper is porous allowing water to penetrate the soil, and at the same time it aids in water retention and suppresses weeds. Completely decomposes in the soil at the end of the season for no messy cleanup. Available in two sizes - 58" or 24" in 50 or 100 foot rolls.
Planters Paper (100' X 48")Buy Options
Planters Paper (100' X 48")
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$42.95 ea
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Planters Paper (50' X 24")
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$12.95 ea
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