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Get delicious, healty popcorn fresh from your garden. Some varieties can even be used for colorful decorations. Sow popcorn around the middle of May. Sow about 1/2 inch deep in hills of 3 to 4 seeds. Harvest in late August or September when the kernels on the ears are dry and glossy and the stalks and leaves are completely dry. Let dry in an airy place. When completely dry, husk, strip, pop and enjoy.
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Japanese White Hulless Popcorn
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Close OptionsJapanese White Hulless Popcorn

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 1 1/2 ounce $1.85 ea
 1/4 Pound $3.95 ea
 1/2 Pound $5.95 ea
 Pound $9.95 ea
Miniature Rainbow PopcornBuy Options
Miniature Rainbow Popcorn
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Close OptionsMiniature Rainbow Popcorn

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 1 ounce $2.75 ea
 1/4 Pound $6.95 ea
 Pound $19.95 ea
Puffy Pop Hybrid PopcornBuy Options
Puffy Pop Hybrid Popcorn
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Close OptionsPuffy Pop Hybrid Popcorn

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 1 1/2 ounce $2.75 ea
 1/2 pound $9.45 ea
 1 pound $15.95 ea
Robust White Hybrid PopcornBuy Options
Robust White Hybrid Popcorn
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Close OptionsRobust White Hybrid Popcorn

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 1 1/2 ounce $2.75 ea
 1/2 Pound $9.45 ea
 Pound 1 - $15.95
4 - $44.95
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Robust Yellow Hybrid Popcorn
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Close OptionsRobust Yellow Hybrid Popcorn

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 1 1/2 ounce $2.65 ea
 1/2 Pound $8.95 ea
 Pound 1 - $14.95
4 - $42.95
Strawberry PopcornBuy Options
Strawberry Popcorn
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Close OptionsStrawberry Popcorn

Product Pricing
 1 ounce $2.55 ea
 1/4 Pound $5.45 ea
 1/2 pound $8.95 ea
 pound $14.95 ea
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