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Rhubarb Plants

Rhubarb, often referred to as a pieplant, should be in every garden as it's the earliest produce in the spring. Use it in mouth-watering pies, sauce and baked goods. We ship #1 size bareroot divisions.
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Canada Red & Crimson Red Offer
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Close OptionsCanada Red & Crimson Red Offer

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 2 plants $12.95 ea
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Canada Red & Victoria Offer
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Close OptionsCanada Red & Victoria Offer

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 offer $10.95 ea
Crimson Red RhubarbBuy Options
Crimson Red Rhubarb
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Close OptionsCrimson Red Rhubarb

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 Bareroot 1 - $7.95
3 - $21.95
6 - $39.95
12 - $69.95
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Rhubarb Sampler
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Close OptionsRhubarb Sampler

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 offer $17.95 ea
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Victoria Rhubarb
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Close OptionsVictoria Rhubarb

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 Bareroot 1 - $5.95
3 - $14.95
6 - $27.95
12 - $49.95
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