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Spinach can be planted as soon as the soil can be worked for an early spring crop. With most spinach varieties you can sow seed in late summer or fall for fall and winter harvest respectively. Space Hybrid Spinach is a long harvest variety that can be planted in spring, summer or fall with quick-growing characteristics for harvest throughout the year.
Bloomsdale Long Standing SpinachBuy Options
Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach
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Close OptionsBloomsdale Long Standing Spinach

Product Pricing
 Packet $1.95 ea
 Ounce $3.95 ea
 1/4 Pound $7.95 ea
 Pound $13.95 ea
Galilee SpinachBuy Options
Galilee Spinach
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Close OptionsGalilee Spinach

Product Pricing
 350 seeds 1 - $2.95
2 - $5.20
 1 ounce $12.95 ea
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New Zealand Or Tetragonia Spinach
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Close OptionsNew Zealand Or Tetragonia Spinach

Product Pricing
 60 seeds $2.75 ea
 1/2 Ounce $3.95 ea
 Ounce $5.95 ea
Olympia Hybrid SpinachBuy Options
Olympia Hybrid Spinach
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Close OptionsOlympia Hybrid Spinach

Product Pricing
 Packet 1 - $1.95
5 - $8.75
10 - $14.50
Reflect Hybrid SpinachBuy Options
Reflect Hybrid Spinach
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Close OptionsReflect Hybrid Spinach

Product Pricing
 350 seeds 1 - $2.25
2 - $3.90
 ounce $5.95 ea
 1/4 pound $12.95 ea
Space Hybrid SpinachBuy Options
Space Hybrid Spinach
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Close OptionsSpace Hybrid Spinach

Product Pricing
 350 seeds 1 - $1.95
2 - $3.20
 ounce $4.95 ea
 1/4 pound $11.95 ea
 15' Seed Tape  Unavailable 4/24/2015
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Spinach Offer
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Close OptionsSpinach Offer

Product Pricing
 3 packets $5.25 ea
Tyee Hybrid SpinachBuy Options
Tyee Hybrid Spinach
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Close OptionsTyee Hybrid Spinach

Product Pricing
 Packet $1.95 ea
 Ounce $4.95 ea
 1/4 pound $11.95 ea
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