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The wide variety of foliage and flower colors makes this ideal shrub work in any landscape.  They adapt well to many soil types and are easily maintained.  Very easy to grow shrubs.
Anthony Waterer Red SpireaBuy Options
Anthony Waterer Red Spirea
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Close OptionsAnthony Waterer Red Spirea

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1 - $7.95
3 - $14.85
Magic Carpet SpireaBuy Options
Magic Carpet Spirea
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Close OptionsMagic Carpet Spirea

Product Pricing
1 - $9.95
3 - $23.85
Peppermint Stick SpireaBuy Options
Peppermint Stick Spirea
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Close OptionsPeppermint Stick Spirea

Product Pricing
1 - $8.95
3 - $20.85
Sem Sorbaria SpireaBuy Options
Sem Sorbaria Spirea
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Close OptionsSem Sorbaria Spirea

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1 - $14.95
3 - $39.95
6 - $74.95
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Spirea Offer
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Close OptionsSpirea Offer

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 Offer $17.95 ea
Van Houtte SpireaBuy Options
Van Houtte Spirea
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Close OptionsVan Houtte Spirea

Product Pricing
1 - $8.95
3 - $17.85
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