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Our strawberry plants are grown from virus free plants on new soil that has been fumigated and are propagated under rigid supervision of state inspection to ensure you plants that will grow and produce abundant crops. Jung's Jump Start Strawberry Food will increase plants vigor and improve disease resistance, keep your strawberry plants flourishing with application throughout the growing season.

Write or call us 1.800.297.3123, for prices of strawberry plants in larger quantities.

Strawberry plants ordered after June 15 will be shipped beginning in August through October.

A C Valley Sunset StrawberryBuy Options
A C Valley Sunset Strawberry
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Close OptionsA C Valley Sunset Strawberry

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Ac Wendy Junebearing StrawberryBuy Options
Ac Wendy Junebearing Strawberry
Customer Rating:

Close OptionsAc Wendy Junebearing Strawberry

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Albion Everbearing StrawberryBuy Options
Albion Everbearing Strawberry
Customer Rating:

Close OptionsAlbion Everbearing Strawberry

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All-Season Strawberry Offer
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Close OptionsAll-Season Strawberry Offer

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 Offer $28.95 ea
Annapolis Junebearing StrawberryBuy Options
Annapolis Junebearing Strawberry
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Close OptionsAnnapolis Junebearing Strawberry

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Cabot Junebearing StrawberryBuy Options
Cabot Junebearing Strawberry
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Close OptionsCabot Junebearing Strawberry

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Cavendish Junebearing StrawberryBuy Options
Cavendish Junebearing Strawberry
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Close OptionsCavendish Junebearing Strawberry

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Deluxe Pyramidal SpecialBuy Options
Deluxe Pyramidal Special
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Close OptionsDeluxe Pyramidal Special

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 Collection $138.75 ea
Earliglow Junebearing StrawberryBuy Options
Earliglow Junebearing Strawberry
Customer Rating:

Close OptionsEarliglow Junebearing Strawberry

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Fort Laramie Everbearing StrawberryBuy Options
Fort Laramie Everbearing Strawberry
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Close OptionsFort Laramie Everbearing Strawberry

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Honeoye Junebearing StrawberryBuy Options
Honeoye Junebearing Strawberry
Customer Rating:

Close OptionsHoneoye Junebearing Strawberry

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Jewel Junebearing StrawberryBuy Options
Jewel Junebearing Strawberry
Customer Rating:

Close OptionsJewel Junebearing Strawberry

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Mara Des Bois StrawberryBuy Options
Mara Des Bois Strawberry
Customer Rating:

Close OptionsMara Des Bois Strawberry

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Ozark Beauty Everbearing StrawberryBuy Options
Ozark Beauty Everbearing Strawberry
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Close OptionsOzark Beauty Everbearing Strawberry

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Pyramidal Strawberry SpecialBuy Options
Pyramidal Strawberry Special
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Close OptionsPyramidal Strawberry Special

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 Collection $52.95 ea
Seascape StrawberryBuy Options
Seascape Strawberry
Customer Rating:

Close OptionsSeascape Strawberry

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Sparkle Junebearing StrawberryBuy Options
Sparkle Junebearing Strawberry
Customer Rating:

Close OptionsSparkle Junebearing Strawberry

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Tristar Everbearing StrawberryBuy Options
Tristar Everbearing Strawberry
Customer Rating:

Close OptionsTristar Everbearing Strawberry

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