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30401 - Borealis Canadian Haskap

Lonicera caerulea

Borealis Canadian Haskap (P.P.11747) Has the largest, sweetest fruit. Ideal for home garden and U-pick.

Blueberry-like fruit ripens before strawberries. Also known as honeyberries or blue honeysuckle. Canadian haskap are larger, sweeter and fleshier than other honeyberries. They're packed with 2-1/2 times the antioxidants found in blueberries and high levels of vitamin C. The non-suckering, 4 to 6 foot fruiting shrubs are hardy to -40 degrees F and their blossoms tolerate temperatures as low as 10 degrees F without affecting fruit production. Plant in full sun in the north, but locate in afternoon shade in hotter regions. Bearing begins about 3 years after planting. We offer 2 Canadian haskap varieties along with a pollinator (recommended for best fruit production).
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Product Pricing
Unavailable 6/9/2015
Product Details
Zone: 2-8
Light: to
Height: 4' to 6'
Width: 0"
Spacing: 0"
State Restrictions: AK;AZ;CA;HI;ID
Planting Season: Spring
Years to Fruit: 3yrs.
Fruiting Time:
Size Shipped: well rooted 6 to 9 inch plants
Foliage Color: Green
Needs Pollinator: Yes


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