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Patriot Blueberry item #30145
Patriot Blueberry item #30145
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Rich in flavor and nutrients

Research has shown blueberries have more nutritional value than any other fruit. They contain high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and anthrocyanins for fighting everything from memory loss and heart disease to infections and the common cold. Eaten fresh, used in jams, jellies, and baked goods, you can enjoy these delicious, nutrient rich berries in many ways. Blueberry plants last for many years and increase in size and productivity as the bushes become older. They are somewhat self-fruitful, but fruit set will be greater by planting more than one variety. We offer stocky, 3 year old well-rooted bareroot plants.

Blueberries are easy-to-grow, but do require a strongly acidic soil, so most soils will need amendment to adjust the pH before planting.

Sorry, we cannot ship blueberry plants to AK, AZ, CA, GA, HI, ID, MI, OR, or WA.

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