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Sea Berries

Leikora Sea Berry item #30439
Leikora Sea Berry item #30439
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Ideal for coastal plantings

This is one of the most widely grown hardy fruiting plants in the world, yet most Americans have never heard of it. The large ornamental shrubs grow 6-10 feet tall with narrow silver leaves and abundant clusters of yellow-orange 3/8 inch fruits in late summer and fall. The berries persist well into winter for enjoyment by birds. Branches are often cut for floral displays. The fruit is very high in Vitamins C, A, and E, and it makes a delicious substitute for orange juice when sweetened, the flavor likened to a blend of orange and passionfruit. In Europe the fruit is also made into sauces, jellies and a base for liqueurs. So tough and disease resistant it has survived for centuries in Siberia. Tolerates salt spray so it's ideal for coastal plantings.

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