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Cherry Trees

Black Gold Standard Sweet Cherry Tree item #30757
Black Gold Sweet Cherry item #30757
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Sweet and pie varieties available

We offer most of our sweet cherry trees on both standard (Mazzard) and dwarfing (Gisela) rootstocks. Mazzard rootstocks produce a vigorous tree with excellent anchorage and will begin bearing in 3 to 4 years. Mature trees will be 25 feet tall or more. Mazzard produces a larger tree, is more compatible with some sweet cherry varieties, induces fruit at a later age, and is more tolerant of wet soils. It is resistant to bacterial canker. Gisela rootstocks developed in Germany produce a tree about 50 to 60% the size of standard trees without losing yield or fruit size and usually bear by the third year.

Jung's tart pie cherries are budded on Mahaleb rootstock which is cold hardy, drought tolerant and highly productive with excellent anchorage. Sour pie cherries are self-fertile and do not require another variety for cross-pollination. Mahaleb rootstock is more tolerant of cold and drought, and less tolerant of wet soils, trees are more productive at a young age. It resists crown gall, bacterial canker, and some nematodes.

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