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Normal (su) Sweet Corn Seed

Jubilee Hybrid Sweet Corn item #01925

Jubilee Hybrid Sweet Corn item #01925
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For Original, Old-fashioned Flavor

Normal sugar sweet corn types are the original sweet corns, packed with the old-fashioned flavor preferred by some gardeners. This type of sweet corn has a limited shelf life and should be picked and eaten immediately after harvest for the best quality. The reason the shelf life is short is that the sugar in the ears quickly converts to starch after picking. (Note that freezing stops the conversion process, so freezing right after picking will prevent sugar loss). The old saying about having the water boiling before you pick the corn is quite apt when growing su sweet corn varieties!

Normal (su) varieties need isolation from supersweet (sh2) and augmented (sh2 + se) varieties. They can be grown with other su types or with sugary enhanced (se and se+) varieties without concern.

For more information on growing normal sugar varieties, see our Sweet Corn Facts article in our Gardener's Corner..


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