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Sugary Enhanced Sweet Corn Seed

Sugar Buns se Sweet Corn item #01966

Sugar Buns se Sweet Corn item #01966
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Improved Sweetness and Tender Texture

Sugary enganced (se) corn contains a gene that modifies the su gene to increase sweetness and kernel tenderness. Sugary enhanced varieties have more of a corn flavor and a creamier texture than sh2 types. Ears retain sweetness longer than su types, though the rate of sugar conversion to starch is not changed. For best eating quality, cook se types as soon as possible after harvest.

There are both heterozygous (1 copy of the se gene) and homozygous (2 copies of the se gene) se varieties. Homozygous se varieties are sometimes called se+ varieties. Their ears are sweeter and more tender than standard se varieties.

Sugary enhanced varieties do not need isolation from normal (su) and other sugary enhanced (se and se+) varieties. They do need isolation from supersweet (sh2) varieties.

For more information on growing se varieties, see our Sweet Corn Facts article in our Gardener's Corner.


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