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Synergistic Sweet Corn Seed

Cuppa Joe Bicolor Sweet Corn item #01804

Cuppa Joe Bicolor Sweet Corn item #01804
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Combining sh2 and se Traits

Synergistics are newer varieties that combine supersweet (sh2) and sugary enhanced (se) kernels in every ear. This provides the benefit of improved sweetness and shelf life, combined with the flavor and  tenderness of se genes. Usually 25% of the kernels on each ear express supersweet genes and 75% express sugary enhanced genes, though this may vary among varieties.

Synergistic varieties need isolation from normal (su), supersweet (sh2), and augmented varieties. They do not need isolation from other synergistic varieties or from sugary enhanced varieties.

For more information on growing synergistic varieties, see our Sweet Corn Facts article in our Gardener's Corner.


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