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Annual Plants

Blue Velvet Double Wave Trailing Petunia item #09418
Blue Velvet Double Wave Trailing Petunia item #09418
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Vibrant blooms and lush foliage

When we think of a well landscaped garden, our thoughts immediately turn to rows of brightly colored blooms nestled in green foliage, greeting the eye and filling the air with the smell of sweet nectar that only Mother Nature can produce.

Let Jung Seed help you enjoy the magic of gardening this year with the perfect Annual garden. Whether you are looking for eye grabbing ground covers, like Dusty Miller and Flowering Cabbage, or fields of bright blooms, seeds from Jung Seed will produce.

They're bred to be disease resistant, high producing and give you superior quality, long season plants that anyone would be proud to say they had nurtured from the very start.

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