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Forced Bulbs

Early Harvest Tulip item #65209
Early Harvest Tulip item #65209
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Beautiful Potted Bulbs

We’ve done all the messy potting work for you.  Simply place these beauties in an area of your home with bright light and wait for them to bowl you over with bloom! 


Water enough to keep the soil evenly moist, about once per week, adding more as needed when they are in flower.  As each flower fades, you can cut off the remaining bloom head but do leave the rest of the stalk and leaves to die back naturally.  The bulbs will store the ‘energy’ from those leaves for next year’s growth.  Don’t forget, these potted bulbs can be transplanted out into your garden in the spring when your soil has thawed.  Just use the same rule of thumb for planting bulbs out, pay attention to correct depth, adding bone meal, protection from critters if necessary and of course watering as needed.


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