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What is EHS

What is EHS? Why do you care?

Elongate Hemlock Scale (Firoinia externa)

The Elongate hemlock scale is an invasive pest that came into the U.S. from Asia. This pest feeds on a wide variety of conifers and evergreens as well as its namesake, Hemlock. It damages trees and shrubs by attaching itself to the underside of needles and sucking sap from beneath an impenetrable shield or scale. As they feed they weaken the plant and make them susceptible to other pests and diseases.

To date, it has not been detected in Wisconsin forests or Christmas tree fields. However, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture inspectors, during routine spot checks have found Christmas trees, boughs and wreaths, other evergreen décor and hemlock nursery stock that were infected with the EHS.

All the infected stock was found to have come from suppliers in North Carolina.  We do not purchase from any sources there.

Jung Seed Co. and Garden Centers have only purchased this kind of seasonal décor and evergreen wreaths, boughs and trees from suppliers within the state of Wisconsin. You can rest assured that none of our stock was affected by this potential pest risk.

It has been widely reported that the infected stock was shipped and handled by this list of retailers: Menards, Home Depot, Kmart, Stein’s Garden & Home and some Pick ‘n’ Save stores.  Although officials have found this EHS in past years this was far more widespread.

For consumers that might have purchased evergreen wreaths, swags, boughs, or other potentially affected arrangements from any of these stores mentioned it is critical that you dispose of them at the end of the holiday season by burning or bag them for normal trash pick-up.

DO NOT compost them or put them loose at the curbside for any tree recycle program.

Common signs of EHS on plants:

  • Yellowing needles on the interior and lower branches. Damage will move upward as local insect population increases.
  • Brownish, elongated hard shells on the underside of needles
  • Premature needle drop leading to eventual branch and limb dieback, ultimate death of entire tree/plant
  • Over-all tree appearance may look blanched or flocked.


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