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Raised Vegetable Garden Planning

Raised Vegetable Garden Planning

Raised bed gardens are a perfect solution for vegetable gardeners battling with poor soil issues. Where poor soil conditions arise, raised bed gardens allow vegetables to get the nutrients they need to produce succulent, rich flavors.

The first step in raised vegetable garden planning is picking a location. Make sure you pick a spot that gets at least 6 hours of consecutive sunlight a day. You will want to pick a flat, level area with easy access to water.

Next, you will want to start planning the types of vegetable you wish to plant in your raised vegetable garden. When making your selection of vegetables for your raised vegetable garden, you will want to consider companion plants to get the most from your plants. Jung offers a full selection of both vegetable seeds and vegetable plants available for purchase online.

The next step in raised vegetable garden planning is to design the garden’s shape and size. You will want to be able to reach all parts of your vegetable garden without having to step on the soil. Stepping on the bed will compact the soil. An ideal size is no more than 4 feet wide, this allows you to be able to reach the middle of your vegetable garden from both sides. You will need to make sure your raised vegetable garden is deep enough for the type of plants you want to plant. Typically a 6 inch depth is ideal, however if you wish to plant vegetables such as carrots you will need somewhere between a 10 to 12 inch depth.  

Jung offers an online vegetable garden planning tool to help you plan your raised vegetable garden. This online vegetable garden planner will allow you to virtually design your garden and plant your vegetables. The Jung vegetable garden planning tool provides you with planting tips and instructions per plant and specific growing zone. When selecting what plants to place in your virtual vegetable garden you will see basic planting information and tips for that specific plant like companion plants and spacing instructions. Check out the full features of the Jung online vegetable garden planning tool and start planning your raised vegetable garden.

Once you virtually plan out your vegetable garden, you will need to prep your planting spot and start constructing your raised vegetable garden bed. When it is time to plant, be sure to follow the planting instructions thoroughly and water often.




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