Spring Flower Garden Planning Tips

It's never too early to start planning!

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Winter is the ideal time to start making plans for your spring flower garden. During this time, you should begin to strategize and plan the details of your flower garden.

First, you will need to map the area you wish to use for your flower garden to get an idea of placement. Take note of fences, garden ponds, ornaments, stone paths, and other objects in the area.

Second, make a list of flowers you will want to include along with any garden paths, ponds, or decorations. If you are making plans for an already existing garden, make a list of all perennials in your flower garden you expect to return and make note of the color and bloom to give ideas for planting around them.

Third, make a schedule and planning dates for each step in flower planting. Make sure you have enough prep time to get your garden ready for planting and make sure you don’t plant your flowers too soon. Check your hardiness zone or growing zone to figure out the best time to plant your specific flowers in your specific region.

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