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Growing Petunias

Growing Petunias

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Petunias are popular, long-blooming annuals in a range of vivid colors and growth habits including mounding, spreading, and "hedge" forms. Great for garden beds, pots, mixed containers, hanging baskets, and ground covers. Plants are tender, and should only be put outdoors after the last frost in spring.

How to Plant

Sow petunias in a sterile seed starting mix, kept at 70-75° F, 10-12 weeks prior to last frost. Seeds benefit from light during germination, so do not cover the seed and take care when watering to avoid disturbing the seed. Expect germination in 4-14 days. Transplant seedlings to larger pot when there are 2 sets of true leaves. To prevent transplant shock, harden off plants prior to planting outdoors. Because petunia seed is very small, we offer pelleted seed that is coated with colored clay to make it easier to handle. 


Easy-to-grow and happy in full sun to partly-shaded spots with well-drained soil. Plants can be cut back if they grow too large. Varieties with different growth habits combine well in beds or mixed containers. Double-flowered forms benefit from more frequent fertilization than single forms.

Fertilizer Recommendations

Use full rates of AlgoPlus Flowering Plant 4-6-7 Liquid Fertilizer, Neptune Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer 2-3-1, or Osmocote 14-14-14.

Common Problems

Usually not bothered by pests or problems. Grey mold can occur when plants are over-watered or grown in poorly-drained soil. Aphids will sometimes feed on plants.

Alternative Products

Other long-blooming annuals for full sun include Profusion All-Color Hybrid Mix ZinniaDurango Outback Mix Marigolds, and Sonata Mix Cosmos.

Complimentary Products

Moderate feeders, petunia benefits from regular fertilization. Combines well with foliage plants including Silver Dust Dusty Miller and Purple Majesty Hybrid Ornamental Millet.

Product Recommendations

Use Neem Oil or Safer Insecticidal Soap if aphids are a problem.

Petunia Facts

Modern Petunia varieties are hybrids of South American species.

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