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Goldmarie Romano Pole Bean

Goldmarie Romano Pole Bean

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5.0 (2 reviews)
A yummy yellow romano! High-yielding vines produce loads of golden yellow, tender flat pods even under adverse conditions. The rich, 'beany' flavor peaks at the 6 inch size. Excellent fresh and frozen. Superb paired with Hilda Romano bean.
2 ounce
1/2 pound

Product Details

: 51
: Spring
: Fertile, well-drain
: Inoculant
: 1 - Easy
: Pod

Physical Details

: Green
: Yellow
: 10 to 14
: 75
: 6
: Yes
: Determinate
: OpenPollinated

Scientific Details

: Phaseolus
: vulgaris
: Goldmarie Ramono

Shipping Details

: ID
Product Reviews
5.0 (2 reviews)
  • By Dustin S
    From Lombard, IL
    Vigorous vines, easy to see beans are easy to harvest, and very tasty fresh or cooked. Stringless even when picked at larger sizes. Vines continued to produce late into the season, but were outlasted by the Hilda Romano. Still, an excellent performer even
  • By Carol K
    From Central Ohio
    This was an outstanding crop for me this year, and I shared surplus with neighbors, who also gave them rave reviews. Nice meaty flavor and quite prolific - had to pick daily. The earlier beans were the best; by August the vines still were producing but pods were smaller and curled while the early beans had long, straight pods. I stopped harvesting in hopes of having dry soup beans as well as seeds for following year, but the pods were empty or the beans miniscule and useless. Will definitely plant again, however.
  • By Laura S
    From Grayslake, IL
    Good yield. Nice flavor and texture when cooked.