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Goliath Broccoli

Goliath Broccoli

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An extended harvest period makes this open-pollinated broccoli perfect for home gardens. The large 10 to 12 inch, blue-green heads with tight beads mature over a 3 week period, not all at once, giving you more time to enjoy garden-fresh broccoli. Good side shoots develop after the main head is harvested. Flavor is excellent and perfect for fresh-eating and freezing.
150 seeds
1000 seeds
pack of 4 plants

Product Details

: 53
: Spring
: Fertile, well-drained
: 6-6-6
: 3 - Normal
: Flowerts
: pack of 4 plants

Physical Details

: 5 to 14
: 58 to 85
: Yes
: Determinate
: OpenPollinated

Resistance Details

: Broccoli

Scientific Details

: Broccoli
: Brassica
: oleracea
: Italica Group
: Goliath
Product Reviews
  • By Sally M
    From Grandin, ND
    Terrible, heads are loose, flower early and the plant is huge, disappointed. Bugs get in easily. If you want good broccoli grow Belstar, they are great!
    Staff Reply:We are sorry to hear that this item did not meet your expectations. Please feel free to contact our customer service line at 1(800)247-5864 and we will replace the item or credit you for the cost.
  • By Ian M
    From Canton, NY
    The only thing "Goliath" is the plant, which is huge but the broccoli itself is modest. The secondary shoots were small and bolted immediately. The broccoli did at least taste very good.