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Cheddar Hybrid Cauliflower

Cheddar Hybrid Cauliflower

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This cauliflower really is the color of cheddar cheese! The orange color is beta-carotene, and unlike white cauliflower, Cheddar is a good source of vitamin A. Flavor is excellent, both fresh and cooked. The distinctive curds brighten up a relish tray. Color deepens slightly when cooked. Heads are large, smooth and dome-shaped. No need to go to the chore of tying up wrapper leaves as heads should be left open for maximum color.
1000 Seeds
20 seeds
500 seeds

Product Details

: 56
: Spring
: Sandy loam
: Side-dress nitrogen fertilizer
: Head

Physical Details

: Green
: Orange
: 10 to 17
: 68
: 18 to 24
: Yes
: Yes
: Determinate
: Hybrid

Scientific Details

: Brassica
: oleracea
: Botrytis Group
: Cheddar