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Luscious Hybrid Sweet Corn

Luscious Hybrid Sweet Corn

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4.8 (6 reviews)
(se+) Large 8-1/2 inch bicolor ears are filled to the tip with 16 to 18 rows of succulent yellow and white kernels. Good flag protection and easy to pick. Strong 6 ft. stalks. Tolerant to Stewart's Wilt and Northern and Southern Corn Leaf Blights. Treated seed.
1000 seeds
5000 seeds

Product Details

: 57
: Spring
: 1
: Fertile, well drained, warm
: 22-34-11
: Summer
: 3 - Normal
: Kernels

Physical Details

: Green
: Bicolor
: 5 to 14
: 75
: 6 to 8
: Yes
: Determinate
: Hybrid

Resistance Details

: Sweet corn (se+)
: Yes

Scientific Details

: Sweet corn (se+)
: Zea
: mays
: Luscious
Product Reviews
4.8 (6 reviews)
  • By Mick S
    From Papillion, NE
    good about like incredible
  • By Terry F
    From Aledo, IL
    I try new varieties of sweet corn every year trying to find the best one. I'm staying with this one for a while. It did the best of the 3 types I grew last year under less than ideal conditions. It had severe competition from hard to control crab grass and still produced the best eating ears of all. I had no problem with ear worms and the cobs were filled to the tips unlike the other varieties I grew. This will be my "always plant" corn. Just ordered more for 2015.
  • By Lori P
    From Honea Path, SC
    3rd year we have planted this corn. We love it. The best corn we have ever had. So sweet!!
  • By will j
    From Troy, NC
    Wow! This SE+ bicolor has been the most vigorous growing corn I've sowed since growing corn. Germination could be better, but when you establish a good stand, watch out. My stalks are only 7 weeks old and are now tasseled and 9 feet tall with extreamly thick stalks -- it is advertised to grow 6ft. I have 4in long beautiful bubblegum pink silks and all stalks are bearing two ears -- some three and no tillers. I will update on the quality of the ears when mature. So far -- simply amazing!
    * New notes added 7/7/2014 10:42:17 PM:
    To my fellow pro gardeners/farmers... Here's the second update reguarding Luscious TSW SE+ sweet corn. Corn grew 10ft tall, strong thick disease-free girthy stalks, pollen to silk timing was right-on, cobs 8in long with dark green husk, 7 flags, great ear protection, 18 straight rows of nice contrast yellow/white kernels, filled to the very tip, crisp, juicey, very sweet combined with great (corny) flavor and to top all this off ; matured 68 days from seeding! I'd really recommend trying this breed. The only con is that you need to increase the seeding rate for lack of germination/ seedling vigor. Great performance! 7/7/14