Edox Lettuce

Edox Lettuce

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This red butterhead is a masterpiece of flavor, texture and color. Add in a high degree of resistance to tipburn, Lettuce Mosaic Virus and most races of Downy Mildew and you have a lettuce that's not only beautiful and delicious, but reliable. It forms medium to large, loose heads of slightly savoyed, tender leaves that are glossy bronze-red marbled with bright green. Slower to bolt than most of this type and flavor stays sweet without bitterness.
500 seeds
1/4 ounce
1/2 ounce

Product Details

: 67
: Spring
: Fertile, moist, well-drained
: 2-3-1
: 1 - Easy
: Leaves

Physical Details

: Red
: 7 to 14
: 60
: 7 to 14
: Yes
: Determinate
: OpenPollinated

Scientific Details

: Lactuca
: sativa
: Edox
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