Mr Fugly Hybrid Pumpkin

Mr Fugly Hybrid Pumpkin

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So ugly you have to love it! You can carve some real characters with these pumpkins. The 15 to 20 pound globe-shaped fruits have dimpled skin that gives a pock-marked effect, wide spaced, deeply creased ribs and a fleshy light orange color flecked with paler splotches. The very long, light green handles are striped with white. Bright orange flesh is thick and high quality. The large, productive, disease resistant vines yield a high percentage of large fruits.
25 - seeds per packet
1 FOR $1.95
5 FOR $8.75
10 FOR $14.50

Product Details

: Spring
: Rich, sandy, well-drained
: 6-6-6
: 2 - Moderately Easy
: Fruit, flower and seed

Physical Details

: Green
: Orange
: 100
: 96
: Determinate
: Hybrid

Scientific Details

: Cucurpita
: pepo
: Mr. Fugly