Rumbo Hybrid Squash

Rumbo Hybrid Squash

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Is it a pumpkin that tastes like a winter squash or a winter squash that looks like a pumpkin? The flattened, ribbed fruits look somewhat like Cinderella or old-fashioned 'cheese' pumpkins, but the flavor is that of a superior quality winter squash. The very thick, dark orange-yellow flesh is even sweeter than acorn squash without the stringiness. Yields are higher than most other winter squash, and the large 14 to 15 pound fruits measuring 5 to 7 inches high by 12 inches across have very shiny orange-yellow skin that's so pretty you'll want to use them for fall decorations. Quality holds for a long time, allowing plenty of time to display the unique fruits prior to eating them.
25 seeds
1/2 Ounce

Product Details

: 78
: Spring
: 1
: Fertile, well-drained
: 6-6-6
: 2 - Moderately Easy
: Fruit

Physical Details

: Green
: Orange
: 5 to 10
: 100 to 120
: 96
: Yes
: Yes
: Determinate
: Hybrid

Resistance Details

: Squash pumpkin

Scientific Details

: Squash pumpkin
: Cucurbita
: moschata
: Rumbo