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Yellow Doll Hybrid Watermelon

Yellow Doll Hybrid Watermelon

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4.0 (3 reviews)
Probably the earliest of all watermelons. Melons are round, 6 to 8 lbs. with thin rind of deep green with lighter stripes. Flesh is bright yellow and unusually sweet and delicious. Can be grown on a trellis where space is limited.
25 seeds
250 Seeds

Product Details

: 87
: Spring
: 1
: Fertile, well-drained
: 6-6-6
: 3 - Normal
: Fruit

Physical Details

: Green
: Yellow
: 7 to 21
: 65
: 18 to 24
: Yes
: Yes
: Determinate
: Hybrid

Resistance Details

: Watermelon

Scientific Details

: Watermelon
: Citrullus
: lanatus
: Yellow Doll

Shipping Details

: SC
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Yellow Doll Hybrid Watermelon
Yellow Doll Hybrid Watermelon #04140
Product Reviews
4.0 (3 reviews)
  • By Sally M
    From Grandin, ND
    Not great germination, but the ones that grew produced lots of yummy little melons so sweet and juicy!
  • By Adam C
    From Hillman, MI
    Although the plants were healthy, and produced melons in my short season, the flavor was too bland.
  • By Ian M
    From Canton, NY
    GREAT melon. Grows well, even in northern NY, giving melons every year. Disease and pest resistant. Makes lots of melons. Really sweet taste. Thin rind so no waste. Lots of seeds.
  • By William E
    From Machesney Park, IL
    I grow these every year with great success,I've only purchased my seeds from Jung.I start these seeds in the house about the first week of April,and transplant in the last week of may,and I get my first melons the second week of August every year.You can go to you tube and put will2dmax in the search box and see my yellow doll videos.