Cornelian Cherry Offer

Cornelian Cherry Offer

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4.0 (1 review)
One each of Pioneer, Red Star and Yellow Cornelian Cherry Tree.
Pioneer Cornelian Cherry
Red Star Cornelian Cherry
Yellow Cornelian Cherry
1 FOR $75.95
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Product Details

: 4 to 8
: 23
: Spring
: Moist, well-drained
: 4 - Somewhat Difficult
: Fruits
: 2 year 12 to 24 inch bare-root plants.
: Yes

Physical Details

Height: 144 to 180
: Early spring
: Determinate
: Hybrid

Scientific Details

: Cornus
: mas
: Various

Shipping Details

: AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID
Product Reviews
4.0 (1 review)
  • By Michael B
    From Walton, KY
    Good looking plants, tall and healthy, bloomed this spring and one put on a few fruit, this being its first year in the ground, makes me excited to see how well they produce in future years.
  • By jay s
    From Edmond, OK
    Small plants are doing well, but are not established yet even after a year. Very slow growing, as most plant guides say is normal. I am guessing it will be several years to first fruiting.