Bonnie Best Semi Dwarf Apple

Bonnie Best Semi Dwarf Apple

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The apple to plant for the best pies and sauce. The late Bonnie Keehn discovered this tree on her property in historic Cooksville, Wisconsin. She introduced it to Jung's in the late 1980's by bringing samples of the fruit and one of her prize-winning pies. Parentage is unknown, but the striped apples grow very large and have cream-colored flesh that's crunchy, tender, juicy, and slightly tart. Top notch for pies, canning and fresh use. The fruit ripens in early October and keeps well. The tree is hardy, sturdy, resistant to Fire Blight and produces annually.
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Product Details

: 4 to 7
: 17
: Spring
: Well-drained, rich in humus
: 6-6-6
: Spring
: Spring
: 4 - Somewhat Difficult
: Fruit
: Yes
: 3 to 5 ft bareroot trees
: Yes

Physical Details

: Green
: White to pink
: Yellow/green with pale red striping
: 180
: Yes
: 4
: Yes
: Early October
: Early spring
: Determinate
: Hybrid

Resistance Details

: Yes

Scientific Details

: Malus
: domestica
: Bonnie Best

Shipping Details

: AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID