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Jung Jump Start Asparagus Food

Jung Jump Start Asparagus Food

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Boost yields in new and established plantings. Promotes bigger spears.
This water soluble, 17-16-28 slow release fertilizer is easy to use. Just mix with water. Apply in spring and repeat after harvest. 1 pound.

For new plantings: Dissolve 4 ounces of Asparagus Food in each gallon of water needed. Apply 1 gallon evenly in a 10-14 inch band on each side of a row 30 feet long.

For established beds: Use the same rate above for row plantings. In mature beds without rows, apply 4 ounces per gallon of water evenly to each 100 square feet of bed. Fertilize in the spring just prior to cutting and again immediately following completion of harvest (around mid-June).
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