Jung Sweet Corn Jump Start Fertilizer

Jung Sweet Corn Jump Start Fertilizer

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Grow the best sweet corn ever using this water-soluble, high energy, 22-34-1 fertilizer. Strengthens roots for better water and nutrient absorption and keeps plants green. 1 pound package.

Directions for Use: Apply at planting time or immediately after germination of seed. Mix and dissolve 4 ounces Sweet Corn Food per each gallon of water to be applied. (One gallon of solution will treat 50 feet of row walking at a moderate pace and using a sprinkler can with a showerhead nozzle.) Apply in the furrow and not directly over seed or germinated seedlings. A light cultivation will improve the placement of the fertilizer. When corn reaches a height of 8 inches, repeat the application. Repeat again when corn reaches 18 inches.
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