Smart Pot Aeration Containers 20 Gallon

Smart Pot Aeration Containers 20 Gallon

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For gardeners who want containers that will grow the best possible plants. Made of a soft-sided, non-woven, lightweight black fabric, Smart Pots have the rigidity to hold their shape, but unlike hard-sided pots, when roots reach the fuzzy walls they penetrate the fabric, causing the plant to develop masses of lateral roots. The unique 'air-pruning' capability results in a much larger, more fibrous and healthier root ball. Other advantages are that roots stay cooler in hot weather, excess moisture evaporates easily and they can be reused many times. The two sizes offered are ideal for growing tomatoes. The larger the pot, the bigger the plant will grow. 20 gallon size (20" base x 15.5" height).
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