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Intersectional Hybrid Peonies

Culture for intersectional peonies (sometimes referred to as Itoh Hybrids) is similar to tree peonies, but the plant structure is herbaceous in type and, unlike tree peonies, the plants should be cut back to the ground in late fall.

When planting intersectional peony roots, make sure the eyes are placed about 2 to 4 inches below the soil line. This differs from regular herbaceous peonies which do not fair well if planted this deeply.

NOTE: All peonies can get botrytis, a fungal disease which appears as black spots on the foliage and stems. Wet conditions are often the cause, so keep plants on the dry side or water early in the day. Fungicides such as copper sprays may be used if it becomes a problem. Good fall cleanup of peony foliage debris is the best way to keep botrytis from recurring.

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