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Jung Seed Company Is Not Owned By Monsanto

Some blogs and websites have been stating that J. W. Jung Seed Company is owned by Monsanto. This is not true. J. W. Jung Seed Company has been independent and family owned and operated since its beginnings in 1907. We are being confused with a farm seed company by the name of Jung Seed Genetics that is owned by Monsanto, but there is no affiliation between us.

A little company history may be helpful in clearing up the confusion. J. W. Jung Seed Company and its garden centers are still family owned and operated. My name is Dick Zondag and my grandfather, J. W. Jung, started the business here in Randolph over 106 years ago. For a number of years the Jung family operated both a home garden company known as J. W. Jung Seed Company and a farm seed company called Jung Farms. Over 15 years ago, the 2 companies split, with the Seed Company becoming solely owned by the Zondag family (my mother was J. W. Jung’s daughter). Jung Farms became solely owned by my uncle and cousin, the name was changed to Jung Seed Genetics and several years ago they sold this farm seed company to Monsanto.

Another source of confusion is that under the Monsanto umbrella is a very small home-garden division called Seminis Gardens that produces and sells some well-known, time-proven, non-GMO varieties, including many varieties that are All-America Selections Winners. These were developed and introduced long before Monsanto owned Seminis and were originally sold under the Petoseed brand. Many of our customers have grown to love these vegetables and would be very disappointed if we no longer offered them. We recognize there are strong anti-Monsanto sentiments by some consumers, so we have provided below a current list of Seminis varieties we offer in the event they wish to avoid purchasing them.

Tomato Beefmaster Hybrid
Tomato Better Boy Hybrid
Tomato Big Beef Hybrid
Tomato Health Kick Hybrid
Tomato Lemon Boy Hybrid
Tomato Sunsugar Hybrid
Tomato Sweet Baby Girl Hybrid
Tomato Viva Italia Hybrid
Tomatillo Toma Verde
Bean Stringless Blue Lake S-7
Broccoli Coronado Crown Hybrid
Broccoli Packman Hybrid
Carrot Kuroda PS
Carrot Sweetness III Hybrid
Cauliflower Cheddar Hybrid
Cucumber Cool Breeze Hybrid
Cucumber Eureka Hybrid
Cucumber Fanfare Hybrid
Cucumber Orient Express II Hybrid
Cucumber Sweet Slice Hybrid
Cucumber Sweet Success Hybrid
Cucumber Sweeter Yet Hybrid
Cucumber Salad Bush Hybrid
Eggplant Epic Hybrid (Formerly Dusky)
Eggplant Fairy Tale Hybrid
Eggplant Hansel Hybrid
Lettuce Red Sails
Lettuce Simpson Elite
Melon Roadside Hybrid
Onion Candy Hybrid (seed)
Onion Red Zeppelin Hybrid (seed)
Onion Sierra Blanca Hybrid (seed)

  Pea Mr. Big
Pepper Ancho San Martin Hybrid
Pepper Biggie Chile Hybrid
Pepper Burning Bush Hybrid
Pepper Cherry Bomb Hybrid
Pepper Fooled You Jalapeno Hybrid
Pepper Garden Salsa Hybrid
Pepper Mariachi Hybrid
Pepper Mucho Nacho Hybrid
Pepper Serrano Del Sol Hybrid
Pepper Super Chili Hybrid
Pepper Bell Boy Hybrid
Pepper Big Bertha Hybrid
Pepper Early Sunsation Hybrid
Pepper King Arthur Hybrid (formerly Fat 'N Sassy)
Pepper Giant Marconi Hybrid
Pepper Gypsy Hybrid
Pepper Orange Blaze Hybrid
Pepper Super Heavyweight Hybrid
Pumpkin Prizewinner Hybrid
Pumpkin Phantom Hybrid
Pumpkin Spirit Hybrid
Pumpkin Snack Face Hybrid
Squash Commander Hybrid (Formerly Aristocrat)
Squash Sunny Delight Hybrid
Squash Canesi Hybrid
Squash Early Butternut Hybrid
Squash/Pumpkin Jamboree Hybrid
Squash/Pumpkin Rumbo Hybrid
Squash Pasta Hybrid
Watermelon Yellow Doll Hybrid


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