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Vegetable Garden Planning - Companion Planting

When planning your vegetable garden, it is beneficial to do some research about companion vegetable planting as it will help you grow a healthy vegetable garden. Companion plants are neighboring plants which benefit by providing each other with additional beneficial nutrients to help each other flourish. Be careful, however, as some neighboring plants have the opposite effect on each other. Before you start planting your garden, it is important to learn what plants should and should not be neighbors in your vegetable garden.

One plant all vegetable gardens can benefit from is the marigold. These flowers are known to not only help vegetables flourish, but their strong scented flowers repel insects and their roots prevent weeds from growing and kill harmful parasitic worms that are known to destroy vegetables.

Peas and beans are good companions for any vegetable garden as they provide the soil with nitrogen for neighboring plants to use.

Vegetables Ideal Planting Companions:

Beans- Marigold, Sweetcorn, Squash
Broccoli- Dill, Onions, Rosemary
Brussels Sprouts - Dill, Rosemary, Potato
Carrots- Leek, Onion, Tomato, Sage, Beans
Cauliflower- Alfalfa.
Corn- Beans, Squash
Cucumber- Beans, Lettuce, Radish, Tomato
Lettuce- Carrot, Radish, Strawberry, Kohlrabi, Beans
Onion- Beet, lettuce, cabbage, strawberry
Peas- Carrot, radish, corn, beans

If you would like to learn more about vegetable garden companions or receive more garden planning tips, visit our online vegetable garden planner. This unique online vegetable garden planning tool allows you to easily plan your garden design, provides planting instructions for each vegetable seed or vegetable plant, supplies you with each vegetable’s planting companions, and offers you planting reminds. Check out our online vegetable garden planner and get started on planning your vegetable garden.

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