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These Elephant Ears will have the neighbors talking.

Big-leaved, tropical-looking plants have been hybridized into fantastic colors that will spark up any patio, yard or water feature. They thrive in moist soil, preferring full sun, but tolerating lower light levels also. Use them in big pots, for screening and in pond margins or submerged in pots.

Sorry, we are unable to ship Annual Plants to the following states: AK, AZ, CA, HI or ID. For more information regarding our shipping restrictions, please visit our Shipping Information page

Black Coral ColocasiaBuy Options
Black Coral Colocasia
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Close OptionsBlack Coral Colocasia

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 4 inch pot  Unavailable 6/9/2015
Blue Hawaii ColocasiaBuy Options
Blue Hawaii Colocasia
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Close OptionsBlue Hawaii Colocasia

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 4 inch pot  Unavailable 6/9/2015
Borneo Giant AlocasiaBuy Options
Borneo Giant Alocasia
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Close OptionsBorneo Giant Alocasia

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 4 inch pot  Unavailable 6/9/2015
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Elephant Ear Offer
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Close OptionsElephant Ear Offer

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 offer of 4  Unavailable 6/9/2015
Pink China ColocasiaBuy Options
Pink China Colocasia
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Close OptionsPink China Colocasia

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 4 inch pot  Unavailable 6/9/2015
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