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A bed of asparagus will provide many years of eating pleasure. When planting asparagus allow 12 to 15 inches between plants and 3 to 4 feet between rows.
Asparagus Millennium HybridBuy Options
Asparagus Millennium Hybrid
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Asparagus OfferBuy Options
Asparagus Offer
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 offer  Unavailable 6/10/2014
Jersey Knight Hybrid AsparagusBuy Options
Jersey Knight Hybrid Asparagus
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Unavailable 6/10/2014
Jersey Supreme Hybrid AsparagusBuy Options
Jersey Supreme Hybrid Asparagus
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Mary Washington AsparagusBuy Options
Mary Washington Asparagus
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Purple Passion AsparagusBuy Options
Purple Passion Asparagus
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Unavailable 6/10/2014
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