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Perfectly formed 'miniature' bearded iris. Blooms are only about one-half the size of tall bearded iris with flowers appearing about 2 weeks earlier. Easy to grow - just give them a sunny spot.
Banbury Ruffles Dwarf IrisBuy Options
Banbury Ruffles Dwarf Iris
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Boo Dwarf IrisBuy Options
Boo Dwarf Iris
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Dwarf Iris Combo OfferBuy Options
Dwarf Iris Combo Offer
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Flame Spot Dwarf IrisBuy Options
Flame Spot Dwarf Iris
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Lena Ann Dwarf IrisBuy Options
Lena Ann Dwarf Iris
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Pixie Princess Dwarf IrisBuy Options
Pixie Princess Dwarf Iris
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Truly Dwarf IrisBuy Options
Truly Dwarf Iris
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