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Supersweet Sweet Corn Seed

American Dream sh2 Sweet Corn item #01800

American Dream sh2 Sweet Corn item #01800
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Enjoy the Sweetest Corn Available

Supersweet varieties contain the "shrunken" (sh2) gene that increases sugar levels and greatly slows the conversion of sugar to starch. These varieties have the sweetest flavor and longest shelf life of any type of sweet corn. Supersweet ears have crisp, juicy kernels.
Because they contani so much sugar and so little starch, the seed of sh2 varieties is smaller than seed of other types of sweet corn, and it appears wrinkled and shrunken. Because of the reduced food reserves to fuel germination, sh2 varieties need to be planted when soil temperature reaches at least 60 degrees to ensure good results.

For more information on growing supersweet varieties, see our Rules for Growing Supersweet Corn article in our Gardener's Corner.


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